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About Us

MedOne Pro is family owned and operated. We know what it takes to be a medical professional traveler.



We are striving to provide our clients with the most innovative systems and tools to manage your team effectively


MedOnePro always is ready to serve and readily prepared at a moments notice.


All our staff pride themselves in being consummate professionals and are trained to provide nothing less then their very best

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MedOnePro-5-Final-5b-Gold-1 stetoscope-FINAL.png

Our Story

We are family owned and operated.  When you join our team you become part of that family.  In a sentence; we strive to become the Navy Seals of Nursing.  If you understand that, you will understand our mission and its importance to us. 

If your ethics and actions align with ours you will have found a great place to secure your future.  Our reputation matters.  Which means your reputation matters.  Quiet confidence and a strong commitment to being the best professional you, we, as a whole unit can be.  We are dedicated to creating the most effective and efficient nurse staffing agency in existence.  We are searching for the elite nurses.  The nurses that make this profession amazing and rewarding beyond conversation.   The ones that stand in the shadows of reward and adulation.

If this is where you exist when you show up for work, then we want you on our team.  Our very special and specific mission fails without you.  

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About MedOnePro

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