Our Mission

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    We are family owned and operated.  When you join our team you become part of that family.  

    In a sentence; we strive to become the Navy Seals of Nursing.  If you understand that, you will understand our mission and its importance to us. 

    If your ethics and actions align with ours you will have found a great place to secure your future.  Our reputation matters.  Which means your reputation matters.  Quiet confidence and a strong commitment to being the best professional you, we, as a whole unit can be.  We are dedicated to creating the most effective and efficient nurse staffing agency in existence.  We are searching for the elite nurses.  The nurses that make this profession amazing and rewarding beyond conversation.   The ones that stand in the shadows of reward and adulation.   If this is where you exist when you show up for work, then we want you on our team.  Our very special and specific mission fails without you.  

 We ask a lot but give a lot


Your Files, Credentials, Physicals, Titers, background checks; all of those things you need to do your job need to be current.  We can't get you into those locations you want unless you help us.  Take too long....and that job will fill.  It literally happens in a matter of hours sometimes.  Would you like to know who gets  those jobs?  The people with completed updated files that kick butt.  

    So get your files uploaded, current and accurate!  

    Get your first placement with us and get awesome stuff!  We have an amazing welcome packet!

MedOne Pro has mastered the practice of Immediate Response Staffing.  Global changes have created increased needs.  CoVid-19, mutating flu and other healthcare changes force us to prepare differently and react differently.  It is our reactions that set us up for success or failure.  

    We grow with goals to motivate.  The stronger our agency becomes the more we will offer.   Our staff will enjoy the opportunity to work when they want and where they want, while maintaining the lifestyle they choose.  We promote the family and demand we all do our best to help you get the extra things we want to offer.   

    We ask for such high standards of excellence from our staff because we want to give you the best opportunities we can.  Not just a paycheck but a great paycheck with benefits and retirement and extra little things that make you love working for us.  Benefits as everyone knows are expensive and put heavy burdens on companies not building them into their initial foundation.  Those things don't come from a mediocre company just sending people anywhere.   Those benefits will depend on you.  Your ethical behavior, your ability to work with extreme egos and maintain your bearing.  The longer you are with us the better your benefits.  

    It is your reputation and ethics that builds ours.   When you say to someone I work for MedOne Pro,  their reaction will be one of immediate respect.  


Our founding team

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Cute picture of one the owners, Shannon

Shannon  msn,mha, Rn

Nursing Expert

    Born and raised a coal miners daughter in Harlan Kentucky. Strived to be my best and find a passion that has morals and ethics I agree with, that's how I became involved in Healthcare starting as a Surgical Technician.  I needed more and continued on to nursing school and never stopped. I currently hold a Masters in Healthcare Administration and Masters in Nursing. I plan to complete my MBA in the near future. All this has been possible through travel nursing. Traveling for 15 years and an RN for 26 years.  Seeing first hand what was out there for staff and facilities we decided to begin our own agency; to put families first, treat  nurses with the respect they have earned, pay what they are worth, and provide the best of all of this to the facilities we serve.  I will be working along side many of you ensuring we are putting our best foot forward.


  • Masters of Healthcare Administration 

  • Master's of Nursing